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Oppose SB 794 Today and Stop Personal Injury Trial Lawyers From Making Florida a More Expensive Place to Live

Did you know that Florida ranks 41 out of 50 states in legal climate? Job creators look at many factors when deciding to move or expand to Florida, and a bottom-10 legal climate only deters economic growth. We should be working to improve our legal climate, however, TODAY the Florida Senate might take a step in the opposite direction.
This afternoon at 4 p.m., the Florida Senate will take up SB 794, related to prejudgment interest. SB 794 allows interest to be charged on damages from the date the injury or tort occurred, not from the date the legal decision was made. Delays in the legal system, which might not be due to the defendant, will only further drive up the cost of personal injury lawsuits. The result is that more companies will be forced to settle to avoid increased legal costs as a result of additional interest in a drawn out legal system. Please take a moment now to contact these key legislators.



This legislation is bad for Florida’s business because the bill:

  • Further deteriorates Florida’s legal climate and image as a “gotcha” state
  • Increases the cost of personal injury lawsuits, which is already a significant cost to Florida’s employers, by charging interest before a legal decision has been rendered
  • Forces more companies to settle, despite the merit of the claim, to avoid paying interest for ongoing litigation

Take Action Now

Send an email to five key Senators voting on SB 794. Don’t wait, as lawmakers will vote on the bill at 4 p.m. today.

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