New Consumer Alert Warns of AOB Lawsuit Scam Raising Florida Home Insurance Rates


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A new consumer alert hits airwaves today warning Floridians against bad actors working to rip off homeowners in need of repairs from Hurricane Irma.


The Florida Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform have teamed up to provide this one-minute consumer alert designed to warn homeowners about falling victim to Assignment of Benefits lawsuits.

“Florida trial lawyers and unscrupulous contractors are scamming millions, while homeowners are left with skyrocketing insurance premiums, and shoddy or even incomplete repair work. One study shows Miami premiums could jump more than 50 percent in 5 years if the state legislature doesn’t end the AOB lawsuit scam.” – New Consumer Alert Warns

The AOB lawsuit scam was almost nonexistent 15 years ago, but has now spread across Florida – leaving far too many homeowners holding the bill on this ‘get rich quick’ scheme developed by a cottage industry of trial lawyers and shady repair vendors. The Florida Chamber and its Consumer Protection Coalition are leading the charge encouraging the Florida Legislature to pass meaningful reforms to stop the abuse that’s leading to higher and higher homeowners’ premiums.

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