Military and Defense

Military Valued During, After Service

By Ron Poland, Director of Operations, Jacksonville Programs for Boeing, Defense, Space & Security

Published in the Orlando Sentinel, August 12, 2014

Throughout the country, we honor military members, veterans and defense workers for their service to the nation. Their efforts enhance national security and contribute to the vitality of local economies across the United States.

Currently, 1.6 million veterans call Florida home. More than 85,000 military and civilian personnel and 750,000 jobs contribute more than $70 billion to our economy. With 20 major military installations, Florida’s armed-services and defense companies are vital economic contributors. In 2013, Florida’s economy surpassed $800 billion, in part because of the contributions of those military installations and the diverse businesses supporting defense programs.

Despite success, we face an uncertain future due to sequestrations and federal budget debates. With many businesses relying on defense contracts and subcontracts, working together will determine how we maintain positive momentum beyond 2030.

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