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Mandated Wage Proposal Secures Signatures to Trigger Supreme Court Review

A mandated wage increase launched last year by Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan has received enough required signatures to trigger a review by the Florida Supreme Court, according to news reports.

The proposal, Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage, if passed, would mandate wages increase by $1 in the first year – increasing at the same rate every year until reaching $15 per hour.

Right now, Florida has over 10 million workers and only 1.7 percent are earning a minimum wage while working full time. At the Florida Chamber, we believe the best thing Florida can do is help them get the job training they need so they can earn $50,000 careers.

The Florida Chamber believes in economic prosperity for all, and will work with anyone who wants to create more opportunity, while also recognizing that more lawsuits and job killing mandates have never worked and aren’t smart for Florida.

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