Making Florida the Leader on Autonomous Vehicles

As Florida prepares for the future and more than three million new drivers by 2030, it is important now more than ever that Florida’s business community unites in their efforts to grow the next chapter of transportation mobility. With the help of our partners and Syd Kitson, CEO of Kitson & Partners and Chair, of the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Autonomous Florida program, Florida is on the right track toward becoming the leader on autonomous vehicles.

“Transportation and the way we think about transportation is changing and it’s changing fast,” said Kitson, “The autonomous vehicle is not only sweeping the nation it’s around the world, and here in Florida, we want to be leaders in that new technology and new ideas.”


Become Part of the Autonomous Revolution:

Florida is at the cutting edge of the autonomous revolution and we need your support.  Contact Christopher Emmanuel to learn how you become part of the Florida Chamber’s Autonomous Florida Program.

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