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Long-Term Energy Strategies


Preparing Florida’s Infrastructure for Smarter Growth


Why It Matters to Florida

The Florida Chamber estimates between now and 2030, 6 million more people will call Florida home. As the third most populous state in the nation and growing, it is crucial we get infrastructure policies right and focus on long-term strategies. This means more than ensuring there are roads to travel — this means supporting investments in hard and soft infrastructure such as energy, water, telecommunications and more.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

The Florida Chamber will continue to advocate for long-term, comprehensive energy policy that brings efficient, modern and cost-effective sources of energy to all Floridians that focus on the long-term needs of our state will help meet the needs of Florida’s growing population. By 2030, Florida will demand 76 percent more energy.
This requires increasing Florida’s energy independence while expanding the use of alternative fuels like LNG and CNG.


The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

Streamlining state, regional and local processes by embracing proactive growth leadership initiatives is important to support the next generation of vibrant communities in Florida. The Florida Chamber will continue to champion the streamlining of permitting processes and reducing bureaucratic barriers toward growth.

Act Now

Florida’s focus on comprehensive clean energy initiatives are steps in the right direction to ensure our rising population has adequate resources. Join us as we fight for long-term energy strategies that will make Florida more competitive.

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