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Lawsuit Abuse Reform: Be Part of the Solution

“If we make the (legal climate) so it’s based on the clients rather than the attorneys, I think that would be a better climate.”


Reforming Florida’s Legal Climate

You’ve seen the ads…promises made for hefty awards because trial lawyers are “looking out for you.”

Lawsuit abuse is the number one reason Florida’s legal climate ranks among the worst in the country – 46 out of 50, and it’s hurting our ability to compete. Florida’s toxic legal climate is costing Floridians to the tune of $4,442 per household – that’s $1,100 a year more than the national average.

That’s why the Florida Chamber is leading the charge and taking on decades of lawsuit abuse and declaring war on Florida’s poor lawsuit climate. It’s why we’ve joined with Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature to put consumers over trial lawyers.

Now more than ever, Florida’s business community must unite for good to help transform Florida’s legal climate from the bottom five to among the best in the country.

Register today to attend the Florida Chamber’s Legislative Fly-In and learn how you can join the fight to ensure Florida’s bottom five legal climate reflects its past and not its future.

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