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Lawmakers Take Aim at Lawsuit Abuse Reform By Passing Three Key Bills

Thanks to your calls, emails and continued support, the House Civil Justice Subcommittee today passed three Florida Chamber-backed lawsuit abuse reform bills:

  • Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Reform – PCB CSJ 19-01
  • Tort Reform – HB 0017
  • Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine – HB 355

For the first time in half a decade, lawmakers are taking steps to improve Florida’s bottom-five legal climate and lower the cost of doing business on Florida’s families and small-businesses.

A special thank you to Representative Tom Leek for sponsoring the tort reform and dangerous instrumentality bills. Also, thank you to Civil Justice Subcommittee Chair Bob Rommel for championing AOB reform, and further advancing the Florida Chamber’s Business Agenda.

We will keep you up-to-date as these proposals move forward.

Take Two Minutes

Please take two minutes to thank these lawsuit abuse reform bill sponsors, Civil Justice Subcommittee Chair Bob Rommel, and Representative Tom Leek. If you want to learn more about lawsuit abuse, visit the Florida Chamber’s lawsuit abuse website.

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