Know Your Public Records Rights

In March, the Florida Legislature passed a law that changes Florida’s public records policy for businesses that contract with local or state government and helps protect businesses from being sued. Now, a request for public records must be made directly to the public agency. If the public agency does not possess the requested records, the public agency will request records from the contractor.

In a memo to Florida’s business community, Senator Wilton Simpson (R-Trilby) outlines the need for businesses to understand the change in this law.

“Businesses are being sued in direct violation of the process outlined in the new law and are then being pressured into paying a cash settlement to avoid going to court. This is wrong,” writes Sen. Simpson.

Protect Your Business:

Has your business been targeted by an illegal public records request? Contact us today and let us know.

Make sure that your employees and General Counsels are aware of the statute change. Click here to view the full bill.

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