Did You Know the First 110 Days of Your Paycheck Goes Towards Paying Taxes?

It’s Tax Day today and many Floridians are filing their 2015 tax returns and reflecting on their tax burdens for the year. Interestingly, this Wednesday, April 20 is Tax Freedom Day in Florida, which means Floridians have earned enough money to pay their total business and personal tax bills for the year and can now use their money towards investing in their businesses and providing for their families.

According to the Tax Foundation’s recent report, Florida is the 29th state to celebrate Tax Freedom Day, meaning 28 states have met their tax burdens at an earlier date. What would happen if Florida was in the top 10, instead of more than halfway down the list?  Would that allow your business to reinvest in growth and put more money back in your pocket?

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To hear Dennis Lockhart, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and other business leaders discuss the issues affecting Florida’s business climate, register to attend the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Future of Florida Forum on September 28-30, in Orlando.

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