Did You Know Only 20 Percent of Millennials Voted in the Last National Election?

Millennial voters are described as racially diverse and politically independent, and they are changing the course of the electoral process. Although the millennial generation accounts for the largest segment of the population and 46 million eligible voters, only 20 percent cast a ballot in the 2014 midterm election – the lowest youth turnout rate ever recorded in a federal election. In addition, the proportion of young people registered to vote is at an all-time low of 46.7 percent.

Some experts speculate that the lack of interest in civic engagement stems from an aversion to partisan politics and that millennials don’t readily see themselves represented by the current pool of candidates. One way to combat this perception is through social media and apps that help millennials identify the candidates whose platforms most align with their core beliefs. Millennials are the biggest contributors to our workforce and the future of our country. If they’re disengaged, who will shape future policies?

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Join us at the 2016 Florida Chamber Board of Governors Capitol Days  and learn more about The Political Factor and 2016 Elections with Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Strategy at the Florida Chamber, Andrew Wiggins, Senior Director of Campaigns and Elections at the Florida Chamber, and Matt Dixon, political reporter with POLITICO.

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