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Why It Matters to Florida

Florida is the only state in the country that charges a nearly six percent sales tax on business rent, a cost impacting any business that leases space- from mom and pop stores to multi-national operations. When Florida is seen as the only state that hinders business growth in this way, word gets around to CEOs. Furthermore, the Florida Chamber has found that in some instances, businesses are subject to “double” taxation through the tax imposed on business rents. Business may find themselves paying property taxes as a portion of their rent, with sales tax being levied on the entire rent.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

While Florida already has one of the best tax climates in the nation for residents, enacting smart and targeted tax reforms for job creators will produce greater economic growth. Creating a fair tax system means putting small business capital to work and eliminating uncompetitive tax policies like the Business Rent Tax.

The Fight for Free Enterprise

The Florida Chamber will remain diligent in fighting for this proposal. We will continue to create a state that attracts and retains businesses of all sizes. Reducing this tax keeps money directly in the pockets of job creators, allowing them to expand, grow and become more productive.

Act Now

Florida wins when we create a business climate that attracts our nation’s top job creators. Help us eliminate unnecessary taxes and create a more competitive Florida by contacting Carolyn Johnson at

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