Insurance Reform and Competition

Insurance Commissioner Talks Property Insurance Reforms and Cost Drivers

“We are going to… take whatever action is necessary to ensure that
Florida continues to be a viable place for businesses to flourish.”

-Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty joins the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line to discuss important insurance reforms, including workers’ comp, auto insurance fraud, assignment of benefits and flood insurance.

In order to help secure our state’s future, Commissioner McCarty understands data is a valuable tool in helping to arm leaders for the challenges ahead.

“Data is the key and we are going to get this from Citizens and we are also working with a number of our carriers that collect that data and we want to make sure that we provide the necessary information so that our lawmakers have informed decisions and we are going to help, and we appreciate the [Florida] Chamber’s leadership in this regard and look forward to working with you on this and any other issue [and] challenges to our state and to our economy.”

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