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House Film-TV Bill Needs Your Support

Email These Representatives Today

Tomorrow, the House Finance and Tax Committee will hear a Florida Chamber-backed bill (HB 451) that will help save local jobs and businesses underpinned by the Entertainment Industry Tax Credit Program, by attracting more film, television and digital media projects to Florida.

HB 451, sponsored by Rep. Mike Miller (R – Orlando), will:

  • Help fuel jobs and economic growth,
  • Help maintain technical jobs in our state,
  • Continue showcasing our state through television and movies, and
  • Help make Florida more competitive with neighboring states, such as Georgia, which has a booming film and television industry.

Send an email to five key Representatives voting on HB 451. Don’t wait, as lawmakers will vote on the bill at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31, 2015.

What You Need To Know:

  • There are possibly two votes this week: One in the House Finance and Tax Committee on Tuesday and possibly another in the Senate on Thursday.
  • We need you to send an email to legislators now!
  • Opposition to this bill has been strong. WE NEED YOUR HELP.
  • HB 451 is the HOUSE version of the support film jobs in Florida bill. This is the second of three HOUSE committee votes before the entire Florida House of Representatives gets to vote on the issue.
  • SB 1046 is the SENATE version of the support film jobs in Florida bill. SB 1046 has passed one of its first three SENATE committees, so far. The second committee hearing is on Thursday (more info coming soon).
  • All committee votes must be in favor of moving the bill forward, or the issue dies.
  • Both bills must be identical and pass the House and Senate to be considered by the Governor as a new Florida law.
  • This is just the continuation of a discussion that began weeks ago. This is an important week for the future of this bill, which is why your help is needed today. In order for this bill to pass, you should communicate with lawmakers every step of the way.
  • We will send you alerts like this to help as the issue progresses.

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