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Hope Allen: “Those with disabilities don’t have to be unemployed- they are absolutely employable.”


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According to the Florida Chamber Foundation’s recent unemployment report, there are more than 1.13 million Floridians with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 65. Of the 1.13 million, 700,000 people with disabilities are not currently in Florida’s workforce.

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Internship Program seeks to help close the talent gap by connecting businesses with workforce needs to valuable talent.

After hearing a presentation of the Florida Chamber Foundation’s internship Program, the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce stepped up to the plate to help close the workforce gap. The key? Conversations.

“It’s all in conversations and not being afraid to have the conversations,” said HOPE ALLEN, President & CEO, Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce. “Persons with disabilities are just like everybody else within your organization- don’t be afraid of it. So it’s spreading the message and having ambassadors and goodwill and I think that’s what the Florida Chamber is doing really well.”

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