Higher Education


Fueling Performance and Access

Why It Matters to Florida

Florida has officially surpassed New York as the third most populous state in the nation. As our population continues to grow, and its needs continue to rise, a well-rounded and competitive workforce will ensure a robust economic future for the state.

With nearly 77 million “baby boomers” on the verge of retirement, the gap between available skilled employees and jobs continues to increase. Florida must plan today for the needs of the future. Florida will need to create and fill two million net new jobs by 2030. Driving meaningful reforms that expand access to higher education will help our state remain competitive.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

The Florida Chamber supports funding Florida’s public colleges and universities based upon performance outcomes, which encourage our higher education institutions to strive for excellence. Creating a competitive and highly-skilled talent pool that meets business needs requires solutions that encourage quality education programs and expand need-based aid initiatives.

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

While Florida’s education reforms continue to move our state in the right direction, the Florida Chamber’s work is far from over. In order to make Florida more competitive and meet future workforce needs, we will continue to fight to develop talented students that are college and career ready and able to compete in a global workforce.

Act Now

Become a Champion for Career and College readiness by joining the Florida Chamber Foundation’s efforts to provide Florida’s students with greater access to higher education opportunities. Contact Tracey Lowe at to learn more.

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