Future Innovations, Disruptions to Impact Florida’s Transportation Systems

Changes in technology, expanding industries, international trade and population increases will all have an impact on the future of Florida’s transportation systems. These were just a few of the topics highlighted during last week’s Florida Chamber Foundation 2016 Transportation Summit in Miami.

“Florida’s transportation network must leverage technology t get people where they’re going quickly, safely and enjoyably,” said Jim Boxold, Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation.

During the day-long summit, attendees discussed the issues they believe are crucial to Florida’s transportation systems as the Chamber Foundation looks ahead to 2030, including:

  • An increase in workforce shortages in transportation-related industries,
  • The need for new funding sources, as fuel efficiency increases,
  • Statewide and local solutions for mass transit.

Here’s How You Can Learn More:

  1. View presentations from the 2016 Transportation Summit.
  2. How is Florida’s transportation industry paving the way toward our future? Watch the newest FloridaWins.org video.

Continue the Conversation: We Want Your Input on the Local Challenges Facing Each Community in Florida

Florida’s transportation industry is not the only industry that will need to adapt. How will your community prepare for issues like healthcare, education and more? Please take the Florida 2030 four-question survey by clicking here and help us continue the conversation.

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