Former Speaker Will Weatherford Explains Why Electing the Right People Leads to Good Public Policy


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The upcoming 2018 Legislative Session is the topic of discussion on the latest edition of The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line. Will Weatherford , former Speaker of the House, current chair of the Florida Chamber’s Political Council and member of the Florida Chamber’s Board of Directors, discusses the need for the business community to get involved in both the candidates and issues that will be on the 2018 ballot.

He says Florida’s future will be greatly impacted by the outcome of the upcoming election and businesses should have a vested interest in making sure Florida is moving closer to a free market system.

“You can’t get the policy right for the state of Florida if you don’t get the politics right,” said Weatherford. “If we don’t have the right people in the right places in our elected positions of government and in authority in the state of Florida then we can’t anticipate or expect for good policy to come out in the end.”

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