Florida’s Farmers Helping to Sustain America’s Food Supply

In addition to citrus, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates, Florida is the second largest producer of fresh vegetables in the United States, including fresh broccoli, lettuce, sweet corn, radishes, and green beans. Here is what Florida farmers and ranchers provide our national food supply:

  • Florida citrus accounts for 56 percent of the total U.S. citrus production
  • Florida is the second leading provider of fresh-market snap beans, which are grown in Alachua, Dade, Hendry and Palm Beach counties
  • Florida produces 280.8 million pounds of cucumbers annually
  • Florida is also home to many cattle and dairy farms:
  • Beef cows: 882,355
  • Dairy cows: 125,055
  • Annually, Florida produces 1.2 million tons of rice
  • Florida farmers produce 15.7 million tons of sugarcane for sugar, which is used in many food and drink products
  • In total, Florida farmers harvest 245,375 acres of fresh vegetables, making them a top 10 state for production

Sources: USDA, FarmFlavor

In South Florida alone, farmers produce enough food to feed nearly 180 million Americans. Here’s a breakdown of what is grown by South Florida farmers:

  • Sweet Corn – enough to feed more than 16.5 million people
  • Sugar—25 percent of America’s sugar production
  • Rice – enough to feed 25 million people
  • Lettuce – enough to make 1 billion salads
  • Cabbage – enough for 250 million servings of coleslaw
  • Fresh Green Beans – enough for 350 million servings
  • Celery – enough for more than 120 million stalks

Source: Florida Farm Bureau estimate

Thank a farmer today.

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