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Florida is a Tremendous Place to Do Business


The Florida Chamber believes that welcoming diverse businesses from around the state takes advantage of Florida’s business friendly climate and helps Florida remain competitive. Businesses look at many factors when choosing where to expand of grow, which Gulf Power Company understands firsthand.

“Florida is a tremendous place to do business. As you noted, Gulf Power Company has had a long history in Northwest Florida- some 90 years here in the panhandle- and there’s a reason for that… we just simply found Florida to be a place where you can build and grow a company that puts customers first and cares for communities.”

Gulf Power’s investments in the panhandle, particularly in its electric grid modernization work, benefit not only Florida’s economy, but the communities in Northwest Florida. By targeted investments and by leveraging local and statewide partnerships, Gulf Power is helping a diverse region address the issues that matter most.

“Certainly, Gulf Power sees that as an economic development benefit. There’s certainly jobs and a tax base that is created when we invest in the community. We are here for the long run so we work with  local agencies, economic development organizations, local chambers and we of course have a great partnership with the Florida Chamber of Commerce that helps us to help make our community a better place to live, work and play. We work with the Chamber Foundation, Bentina Terry our Vice President of Customer Service and Sales is a past chair and that Foundation has helped us focus on looking at gaps in our communities and what can we do to close those gaps and solve the challenges that businesses face in our region.”

And although Florida’s Panhandle is home to some of the most diverse counties in the state, uniting under a common goal will be key to addressing gaps and challenges.

“As a Florida Chamber Regional Chair, I look forward to working with all the business leaders across this region and join together to speak as one voice for business. I think that’s the important element here is that we speak as one voice.  By working with the other regional chairs across the state, I hope that we can be that voice for this region. I think the [Florida] Chamber’s success comes in part from uniting those diverse business interests and diverse economic drivers under one common goal- and that’s to make Florida simply more competitive. I hope to continue to play a large part in that goal.”

To Stan and Gulf Power Company, free enterprise is a long-term commitment.

“To me, free enterprise means being able to grow and to thrive- as a company, individually and as families. The Florida Chamber’s fight for free enterprise has been a key to helping our state move in the right direction and I do believe we are heading in the right direction. I’m proud to say Gulf Power has been a part of that history for some 90 years and we look forward to being a part of that free enterprise future for a long time to come.”

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