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Rep. Caldwell Discusses Long-Term Water Policy, Amendment 1

For Florida, planning for the future means alternative water supply sources- not just for Florida’s growing population, but for many of Florida’s fundamental industries.

“We’ve got to start planning and building alternative water supply sources,” said Rep. Caldwell. “We’ve run out of the ‘easy water’, as it were. We’re not in a crisis mode, but… we’ve got to be able to meet those demands, and traditional ground sources, or surface water sources, are being maxed out- not only for our citizens but we also have to make sure that we maintain supply for agriculture and for the natural environment everyone comes here to enjoy.”

And while water solutions will be a main topic of focus during the 2015 Florida Legislative Session, the implementation of Amendment 1 will require a shift in the way Florida views water policy.

“I think the biggest thing for people to understand is that there is no new money, this is just a re-allocation of an existing tax,” said Rep. Caldwell. “So we are going to have to crack open the budget, and a lot of the assumptions that have been operated upon over the last 20 years, and reconfigure those- the trust funds and the way monies are spend on different land acquisition and conservation programs.”


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