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The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line Featuring David Childs

“It’s All About Planning”

Did you know, Florida currently uses more than 7 billion gallons of water each day? But with 5 to 7 million more residents expected by 2030, Florida’s water demand will increase by 28 percent- putting a strain on our state’s water infrastructure. On this episode of The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line, one of Florida’s leading water policy experts, David Childs of Hopping, Green & Sams, tells us that sustainable water policy is “all about planning, and meaningful planning.”

The bottom line?

“If we don’t have water, you aren’t  going to have the growth that we all hope we have in this state.”

Join the Water Conversation

Join the Florida Chamber’s Board of Governors Capitol Days in Tallahassee, March 4-6 2015 as we lead discussions on how water policy will impact your business. Register here today.

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