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Florida Chamber Regional Chair Bob Grammig on Free Enterprise, International Trade and More

“Florida is not just a great place to live and
do business, but it has an incredibly diversified
economy that allows businesses to thrive.”

Partner at Holland and Knight, Florida Chamber Board member
and one of twelve Florida Chamber Regional Board Chairs.


Businesses like Holland and Knight understand the value of a united business community. Bob Grammig, Partner at Holland and Knight, Florida Chamber Board member and one of twelve Florida Chamber Regional Board Chairs, discusses why businesses choose Florida.

“The range of goods and services that our state produces are unmatched in their range and sophistication,” said Bob Grammig, Partner at Holland and Knight. “Businesses elsewhere are increasingly well aware that Florida is a great state for businesses, as we continue to draw into our state a wide variety of dynamic businesses bringing exciting economic opportunities to the people of Florida.”

One such opportunity can be found in Florida’s thriving international initiatives, which help further diversify Florida’s economy as well as create high-skilled jobs. In fact, the Florida Chamber Foundation’s more recent Trade and Logistics study highlights global opportunities for Florida. But for Florida to continue to move in the right direction we should continue to focus on the three major principles in the Trade and Logistics study: Move, Make and Multiply.

“We need to emphasize on moving more trade through our seaports and air gateways, make, grow and refine more products for exports from Florida by expanding Florida-origin goods and we need to multiply the impacts of global trade,” said Grammig. “By expanding our state’s role as the global hub for trade and logistics, we are creating jobs, attracting and retaining talent and providing more opportunities for businesses who want to grow or expand in our state.”

As Florida Chamber Regional Board Chair for the Tampa Bay area, Grammig has a unique opportunity to unite a diverse region.

“In my role as Regional Board Chair… I hope to help unite business interests in the region to speak with one voice and to pursue our common goals,” said Grammig. “We have an outstanding and ever improving infrastructure consisting of seaports, airports and road and rail, and we have a number of dynamic businesses. We all seek to expand both domestic and international commerce and goods and services and to remain vigilant in protecting our free enterprise systems.”

For Grammig, free enterprise is more than an idea.

“Free enterprise is a system where individuals and businesses are free to make their own economic choices with minimal government interference. This includes the ability to compete internationally with minimal barriers. The Florida Chamber has been the champion of free enterprise since its inception and Florida is a much better place because of its efforts. We at Holland and Knight, a Florida home-grown enterprise, have long assisted our clients to create Florida jobs and drive economic growth and we fully support the [Florida] Chamber’s efforts to make our state the most economically vibrant in America.”

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