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Florida Chamber Fights Federal Government Overreach Once More

In the latest bout of federal government overreach, traditionally-fired power plants have been ordered to follow an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) mandate in order to continue to operate. These federal mandates cause a loss of jobs, revenue and economic activity for communities who rely on coal-fired plants. In fact, coal currently accounts for more than 20 percent of Florida’s energy generation.

“We look forward to defending our states’ rights in court to prevent these heavy-handed and unlawful regulations,” a statement issued by the Florida Attorney General’s Office said.

At the Florida Chamber, we believe businesses should focus on growing more jobs, creating more opportunities and strengthening their communities instead of focusing on navigating unnecessary federal regulations.

Overreaching federal regulations continues to be a top concern of Florida Chamber members and partners. We will continue to monitor this issue and work to protect the right of Floridians against the encroachment of the federal government.

In the meantime, contact us today at and tell us how this issue could affect your business and community.

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