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Florida Chamber Bottom Line: Senator Doug Broxson


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 Senator Doug Broxson is Leading the Charge on AOB Reform


On the latest Florida Chamber Bottom Line we sat down with Senator Doug Broxson, Chair of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, to discuss the adverse effects of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) abuse, and the bill he is proposing to put an end to it.

“For over 100 years, we never had a problem with how to file a claim,” said Broxson. “In 1974, we had the first AOB claim ever filed, and then in 2018 we had 36,000.”

Help Stop AOB Abuse:

If you have friends or family who own homes or register cars in Florida, please consider forwarding them this message and ask them to sign up for our support list here. The shady lawyers and contractors are telling legislators that everyday Floridians don’t really care about insurance reform. The more people we have on our side, the easier it is for us to prove them wrong and put and end to the schemes.

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