Florida Chamber Bottom Line Featuring Dr. Joe O’Shea of FSU


On the latest edition of the Florida Chamber Bottom Line program, Dr. Joe O’Shea, Assistant Provost at Florida State University, discusses internationalization’s role within Florida’s university system. Dr. O’Shea emphasizes the role that higher education plays in workforce development and the impact that Florida’s funding system has on a university’s success.


“If you look across the strategic plans of universities in Florida and around the country, you’ll see internationalization is a core pillar of the way we are operating now and the way we look forward. Students benefit enormously when they study abroad, do internships abroad or spend time in a diverse community,” DR. O’SHEA said. ”Now, the performance-based funding system for Florida includes the post-graduation outcomes of students as part of the university’s budget model. A significant portion of our funding depends on how well our graduates do after they leave the university. That has expanded the definition of student success for the state university system.”


The Florida Chamber Foundation released talent supply and education recommendations from its Florida 2030 research initiative last week at our annual Learners to Earners Workforce Summit. The recommendations released come from three years’ worth of research and feedback from more than 10,000 Floridians throughout each of Florida’s 67 counties as part of the Florida 2030 initiative- a multi-million dollar research initiative that seeks to identify the challenges and opportunities Florida has between now and 2030, and to create a blueprint for Florida’s future. Click here to read the recommendations.

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