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Water Bill Will Help Secure Florida’s Water Future

With six million more residents expected to call Florida home by 2030, the Florida Chamber of Commerce believes that securing Florida’s water future is essential in preparing Florida’s infrastructure for smart growth and development.

Earlier today, the Florida Chamber testified before the House State Affairs Committee in support of an environmental resources bill (PCB SAC 16-01) sponsored by Representative Matt Caldwell (R- Lehigh Acres) that takes meaningful steps, using science-based solutions, to help ensure Florida’s water future doesn’t go the way of California.

This measure:

  • Will help ensure clean and abundant water,
  • Reduce the prospect of “water wars” among users in resource-limited areas, and
  • Promote strategic partnerships between the public and private sector in achieving water resource development goals.

During testimony before the committee, Florida Chamber lobbyist David Childs of Hopping Green & Sams, P.A., pointed out that this proposed bill will allow Florida’s planning process to become a “water supply, water quality problem solving process” and in doing so, will help Florida focus on creating “clean water to drink and clean water to recreate in,” and allow our state to become a “leader in the nation in water supply and water quality.”

The Florida Chamber thanks Representative Matt Caldwell and the legislature for proposing this bill and will continue to monitor its process in the coming weeks.


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