Florida Chamber-Backed School Choice Bill Passes House

Today, the Florida House of Representatives passed a Florida Chamber-backed bill that would empower parents to choose the best learning environment for their students.

HB 7037, sponsored by Rep. Bob Cortes (R-Maitland), establishes a charter school institute to provide technical assistance to charter school applicants, increasing the likelihood that only high-quality charter schools earn approval to educate children. The bill also expands access to charter schools for students, as well as access to virtual K-12 education.

The Florida Chamber believes that a quality education, from early learning to lifelong learning, is Florida’s new economic development strategy and school choice is one way to meet Florida’s needs.

As Senator John Legg, Chairman of the Senate Pre K-12 Education Committee, said on a recent Florida Chamber Bottom Line,

“School choice is critical. There is no way that the traditional public school system,
a one size fits all model, will work.”

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