“Excellence in Higher Education” Legislation Passes Final Senate Committee

Florida Chamber backed Senate Bill 2, the Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act, and Senate Bill 4, Faculty Recruitment, both sponsored by Sen. Bill Galvano, were merged today and passed as a package through the Senate Committee on Appropriations. Having passed all three committees of reference, SB 2 is available for consideration on the Senate floor during the first week of the 2017 Legislative Session, which begins on March 7.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce believes that talent is quickly becoming Florida’s best economic development tool. In order for Florida to remain one of the nation’s top business climates, we must be adequately preparing our students to enter the workforce. The Florida Chamber supports creating a talent pool that can meet the needs of job creators and be ready to face the disruptive forces in our future job market. Senate Bills 2 and 4 will help keep our University and College Systems nationally competitive and ensure that the students who attend them receive the best return on their investments.

SB 2, Sen. Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton)

By merging the components of both bills into one, Senate Bill 2 now promotes on-time student graduation while responsibly increasing student financial aid and tuition assistance. Additionally, a world-class faculty and scholar program is established, which promotes the prominence of Florida’s graduate schools and links education to job opportunities by providing internship opportunities to students.

What’s Next For This Bill?

Click here to learn more about where the Florida Chamber stands on these and other education issues.

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