Pillar Leadership Partner

Help Us Envision Florida 2030

Every donation is tax deductible and is applied directly to the Florida 2030 initiative. Thank you for joining the Florida 2030 Campaign. With your help we will design and implement the state’s roadmap and prepare Florida to lead the country and the globe.

What Are the Benefits of Pillar Leadership Partner?

  • Serve on the Florida 2030 Executive Steering Committee
  • Invitations to exclusive Florida 2030 briefings and events
  • Special invitations to legislative briefings
  • Have your organization’s representative participate in Six Pillar Caucus program: Talent Supply and Education, Innovation and Economic Development, Infrastructure and Growth Leadership, Business Climate and Competitiveness, Civic and Governance Systems, Quality of Life and Quality Places
  • VIP Seating at selected forums, summits and meetings
  • Logo placement in Florida 2030 publications
  • Special recognition at Florida Chamber and Chamber Foundation events
  • Recognition in all Florida Chamber and Chamber digital and print publications
  • Participate in live webinar events with high-profile experts and breaking Florida 2030 news

 For More Information

To learn how you can join us in securing Florida’s future, please contact Aaron Kinnon at 850-521-1253.

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