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Untapped Potential: How Florida’s Childcare Crisis is Impacting Early Learning, Workforce Productivity, and Florida’s Economy

Kyle Baltuch during the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2023 Florida Learners to Earners Workforce Solution Summit in Tampa.

Increases in costs of housing, food, and daily necessities have changed the landscape of the U.S. economy and, by nature, America’s workforce. However, for working parents of young children, there is one issue that often exceeds all others in impacting their decision or ability to work and contribute to Florida’s economy. That issue is access to high-quality early learning and childcare.

Each year in Florida, nearly $5.4 billion dollars in economic value is lost due to working parents having to be away from their jobs while caring for children under the age of six. In fact, a 2023 survey conducted by the Florida Chamber Foundation, in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, found that the lack of access to childcare was the leading reason parents left their jobs over the 12 months prior.

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s latest report, Untapped Potential in FL, a collaborative effort with the National Chamber Foundation, explores this challenge at greater lengths in hopes of providing an understanding of how Florida parents are impacted by the childcare crisis and what support systems can be put in place to help them in their effort to work fulltime jobs while raising a family.

To learn more about how barriers to childcare may be impacting your community and Florida’s economy, check out the Untapped Potential in FL report by clicking the image.

As we strive to secure the path to prosperity in Florida from cradle to career, we invite you to join our Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative’s efforts to tackle barriers to opportunity in Florida. Contact Zenani Johnson at zjohnson@flchamber.com to find out how you can get involved in your neighborhood.

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