Watch: Leaders Discuss Prosperity and Economic Opportunity

Topics the Florida Business Leaders’ Summit on Prosperity and Economic Opportunity Will Cover:

Join business and industry leaders, as well as elected officials and community voices as we analyze a path to prosperity for each of Florida’s zip codes, discuss best practices around the state and how they can be replicated, and more.

Conversations will also focus around 10 topic areas that the Florida Chamber Foundation’s research shows are part of the conversation of prosperity. Below, you can watch business leaders from the 2017 Florida Business Leaders’ Summit on Prosperity and Economic Opportunity discuss how we can move forward. 

What role do businesses have in creating economic opportunity for all Floridians?


How can Florida’s business leaders use partnerships to help ensure economic opportunity?

How can Florida’s business community encourage entrepreneurism?

What are some barriers to employment that Floridians often face and how can training programs help reduce these barriers?


What role does education play in ensuring paths to prosperity and what challenges must learners, educational institutions and businesses be ready for?


How do you get the business community engaged in an issue like homelessness?


What is food insecurity and what is one solution Florida can take?

Child care

What is a “two-generational” framework and how can addressing “fiscal cliffs” through this framework help drive economic prosperity?


What can Florida’s business community do to help reduce recidivism rates?


What role can reliable transportation play in encouraging economic opportunity?

Agency-Community voice

What is collective impact and what role does it play in ensuring that the business community drives meaningful change?

What role can communities and partnerships play in ensuring economic opportunity for all Floridians?

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