Don’t Let Kakistocracy Take Your Vote Away

Published in the Florida Times Union

This election is unlike any America has seen in generations. The Florida Chamber of Commerce has conducted more than 40 polls since August, and they all say the same thing — the leading presidential candidates aren’t popular.

Put simply, many Floridians say one cannot be trusted, and many say the other is unstable.

While America is still the best democracy in the world, the truth is we’re in unchartered territory. In some ways, the most qualified to lead are the least popular and vice-versa.

Recently, I was in Washington discussing the presidential election, and I learned about a Greek word that perfectly describes the situation in America in 2016 — kakistocracy. It literally means “government under the control of the nation’s worst or least qualified citizens.”

Regardless of who wins or loses this election, America is still the greatest country on Earth. Our nation gets another chance at this in four years, and my bet is that our nation will be better off after having been worse off.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “You can always count on America to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else.”

While we may be headed to a short-term kakistocracy of sorts, the truth is our democracy will endure and the greatness of our people will ultimately rebuild that shining city on a hill.

When it comes to voting, remember this: People have knocked down walls over it, dreamed about it and risked their lives to get it.

The Florida Chamber urges you to protect American opportunity with the most powerful tool you have — your vote.

So whether you’re confused, excited, dispirited or perhaps somewhere in between, I encourage you to vote on Nov. 8.

Don’t let kakistocracy take your vote away.

The non-partisan election information website www.FloridaWins.org can help you learn where to vote and where candidates stand on important issues facing Florida. Or visit www.FloridaChamber.com/Vote to be inspired.

Special thanks to my friend, Bruce Josten at the U.S. Chamber who has recently announced his pending retirement for teaching me a new word at such an important time in our nation’s future.

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