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1 in Every 13 Floridians is a Veteran

Florida is one of the most veteran-friendly states in the nation, with almost 1.5 million veterans calling it home. According to the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, 12 percent of Florida’s population 18 and over has served in action. With Florida’s population expected to increase by 6 million residents by 2030, more private sector job creation will be needed as former military transition into the state’s civilian workforce.

The good news is that veterans are trained in more than 100 occupational specialties across the spectrum and possess the leadership qualities, soft skills and loyalty that most employers are looking for. This presents a tremendous opportunity for Florida’s private-sector businesses looking to fill jobs with trained professionals.

“Gulf Power, along with Florida’s active and growing business community, is committed to recruiting veterans for high-wage, high-skill jobs,” said Stan Connally, President and CEO at Gulf Power. “Veterans from all branches of the military bring skill sets that match up well with Gulf Power.”

Veterans are just part of the overall effect military and defense investment have on Florida’s economic growth. Nearly 10 percent of Florida’s GDP is tied to the military economy, resulting in an estimated $73 billion impact and 758,000 jobs for Floridians.

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  • To be part of the conversation on issues affecting veterans and discuss the opportunities in Florida’s defense and military industries, register today for the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities Summit on August 6 in Orlando.
  • To learn more about military innovation and the impact on Florida’s economic development, register today to attend the Future of Florida Forum on September 28-30 in Orlando.

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