$160B of goods flow through Florida airports and seaports each year



By 2030, 5.5 million more people will call Florida home. A growing Florida means a growing need for infrastructure to support an increasing population.

Did you know?

  • $160B of goods flow through Florida airports and seaports each year.
  • Florida has invested approximately $10B per year in transportation since 2013-2014.

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With a glance at the road behind him, Ben Shukman edges the car out into heavy traffic on the palm-lined streets of Las Vegas. The rain is lashing down and the glare from the city’s famous lights on the wet road make for less than ideal driving conditions. This is the first time he has driven in the area. In fact, Shukman has never visited Vegas – and he is not there now. Although he is steering the car through the city’s busy streets, he is actually 500 miles (800km) away in Mountain View, California.

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Florida is home to some of the world’s busiest airports, an expanding rail system and 15 public seaports. Florida is also a global launch pad for commercial space exploration.

Transportation is crucial to our ability to diversify and expand Florida’s economy, to compete globally and to attract new businesses and industries and as Florida prepares for a population increase by 2030 to 26 million residents, today is the time to prepare for the future. An efficient and connected transportation system will:

  • Provide high levels of passenger connectivity options,
  • Position Florida’s airports, seaports, and spaceports to accommodate growth in demand,
  • Transform Florida’s major transportation corridors to accommodate multiple modes of transportation and multiple types of infrastructure,
  • Support growing demand for a wide range of mobility options,
  • and more

For the complete Florida 2030 recommendations, download the Florida 2030 Key Targets & Strategies by visiting www.Florida2030.org



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