California Housing Crisis Shows Why Proposal 23 Is Bad For Florida

Don’t Let This Happen in Florida

Recently, a FOX News report detailed the self-inflicted crisis facing California’s housing market. This report shows how California’s much needed housing developments are greatly delayed by lengthy environmental litigation, which is what Proposal 23 before the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) will allow.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce opposes CRC Proposal 23 because it creates a series of new and ambiguous rights, and creates a new cause of action for any person to sue any party, public or private, for violating these new undefined rights. The Florida Chamber urges that you call the CRC Judicial Committee today at (850) 717-9550 and tell them to vote against Proposal 23.

More from the FOX News report:


“NIMBYism has now become a tool for special interests to stop projects,” Rita Brandin said in the FOX News report. “There’s an anti-growth attitude that really creates this roadblock to providing homes and that is creating a disparity. We are leaving out our working class who have to commute hours, sometimes two hours beyond our borders, to work in our city.”


Read the full story to see how ligation has hijacked California’s economy.

Take Action Now

Contact the CRC Judicial Committee today at (850) 717-9550 and urge them to vote against the extreme Proposal 23.

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