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Big Changes Could Be Made by Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission


What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Florida Constitution Revision Commission

The Florida Chamber’s Christopher Emmanuel speaks about the Florida Constitution Revision Commission at Florida State University College of Law.


In 1968, Florida became the only state that allows for its state constitution to be revisited and changed through a regularly scheduled commission called the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). The CRC is a group of 37 commissioners who examine the relevance and applicability of Florida’s Constitution to current and future needs. The third CRC will be selected in the coming weeks.

As our own Christopher Emmanuel, Florida Chamber Director of Infrastructure and Governance Policy, wrote in a Letter to the Editor submitted to the Miami Herald, “If you are looking for a way to change the way our state is structured, this is it.”

Emmanuel continued, “Much has changed since the last CRC in 1998. The state has become significantly more globalized, with more connections to the world than ever before. Employers have become more flexible and the marketplace has become more competitive. Education has changed from one-size-fits-all to a marketplace of options. Each of these new innovations has brought its own opportunities and challenges to Florida. Despite these significant changes, much has stayed the same.”



Did You Know?

  • The CRC can place amendments to our state constitution directly on the ballot without judicial review or the threat of an executive veto,
  • The recommendations of the CRC do not have a single subject requirement, meaning that it can bundle non-germane options in the hopes of increasing the likelihood of passage, and
  • In 1998, the CRC led the conversations that ultimately resulted in the reduced size of the Florida Cabinet, which made the Governor more powerful.

The first step in getting involved is realizing the power this Committee holds. The second step is keeping informed.


Get Informed on the CRC:

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