Promising Practices and Resources

By: Florida Chamber Foundation

Promising Practices

What programs and initiatives work in different communities around the state? How can they be replicated on your community? Below, you can find some examples from around the state.

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Achieve Escambia- Gulf Power, United Way of Escambia County

Created with help from Gulf Power, Achieve Escambia is a cradle to career collective impact effort focused on the complex system of education and workforce development. With United Way of Escambia County serving as the backbone-convener, Achieve is an “all-in” partnership of Escambia County stakeholders from the education, non-nonprofit, business, faith, community, civic, and philanthropic sectors committed to aligning community resources so everyone is empowered to achieve success.

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Location: Escambia County

Grow Up Great- PNC

An early learning initiative to help children succeed. A $350 million bilingual initiative founded in 2004 by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., PNC Grow Up Great® helps prepare children from birth to age five for success in school and life.

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Location: statewide

Purpose Built- Rybovich: RISE Initiative

How is one company helping to pave a path to prosperity for communities in West Palm Beach? With a partnership with Purpose Built, that includes private and public sectors, Rybovich is one example of a business that is investing back into their community.

“Our goal should not be temporary relief for the poor, but rather to attain enduring equity by eradicating the underlying pathology of poverty that has precluded 3 million Florida residents from achieving their God-given potential.”

Wayne Huizenga, Jr.  

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Location: West Palm Beach

Student Finance League

How can having the right money, business and life skills help Floridians be prosperous? See how one organization is helping build bridges between businesses and community members.

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Tags: Prosperity, Financial Literacy

Location: Miami

LIFT Orlando

What happens when business leaders take on the challenge of generational poverty and work together to help their community thrive? Look no further than LIFT Orlando- a group of business leaders looking to make a difference.

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Tags: Prosperity

Location: Orlando

Launch to Tomorrow- Orlando Economic Partnership

Advancing prosperity is no small feat and takes leaders from all areas to accomplish. The Orlando Economic Partnership’s Launch to Tomorrow program seeks to advance prosperity in their region.

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Tags: Prosperity

Location: Orlando

Community Overdrive

Understanding the root causes of poverty is important for communities seeking solutions. Take for instance, how lack of transportation impacts those in generational poverty. One program, Community Overdrive, seeks to close that gap.

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Tags: Prosperity, Transportation

Homelessness Collaborative

Combating homelessness is key to creating paths to prosperity. Broward County is taking a collaborative approach with the Homelessness Collaborative.

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Tags: Prosperity, Housing

Location: Broward County

Hope Place

For Forough Hosseini of ICI Homes, investing in her community to tackle homelessness in school-aged children meant engaging all parts of the community. Hope Place, a shelter for families with school aged children and unaccompanied youth, took an abandoned elementary school in Daytona Beach and created from it a safe, stable environment with the resources needed for families to quickly move on to their own permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

“Some community issues are too massive for any single nonprofit to solve and yet too important for community leaders to ignore. Family and youth homelessness is one such issue for communities around the country. When homeless youth or homeless families are given the opportunity (and hope!), they almost always help themselves out of homelessness. Hope Place, a shelter for families and youth, brought together the whole ‘village’ – Volusia County’s government, the school board, six cities, a nonprofit and many community leaders who all stepped up to help this very important cause.

The difference Hope Place has already made in the lives of our homeless children and families, after only one year since its opening in January 2018, is well worth everyone’s involvement including five years of my own persistence and perseverance.”

Forough B. Hosseini, SVP – Information Systems, ICI Homes

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Tags: Prosperity, Housing, Child and Family Care

Location: Daytona Beach

Research & Reports

See what organizations around the nation are saying about the root causes that should be addressed to create economic opportunity.





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