Bealls, Celebrating Its Centennial, a Vital Part of Florida’s History and Its Future

On behalf of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, I would like to congratulate Bealls, Inc. on its 100-year anniversary.

The department store chain, which started in Bradenton and now has more than 530 stores throughout the state, is the very embodiment of what free enterprise is all about — the ability to grow and expand private-sector business and create more jobs for Floridians.

Bealls truly represents the Florida lifestyle with its unique brand, yet its traditions are still deeply rooted in the Beall family that founded the company.

The company has been a member of the Florida Chamber of Commerce since 1970, with Robert Beall II (Bob) serving as chairman of the board in 2005.

Bob’s leadership and investment in Florida’s economy are a true testament to the principles established by his grandfather and founder of Bealls, Robert M. Beall, and his father, E.R. Beall.

The Bealls legacy continues today with the dedication and philanthropy exemplified by current Florida Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Steve Knopik. We’re proud to recognize Bealls as a vital part of Florida’s past and look forward to working together to secure Florida’s future.


Mark Wilson, President, CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce Tallahassee


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