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AOB Fraud and Abuse Worsening – ACT NOW

A report released today shows further increases in property insurance fraud and abuse, and warns of possible property insurance premium increases if steps aren’t taken quickly.

The Citizens Property Insurance Corporation report, which identifies an explosion of water damage claims and Assignment of Benefits (AOB) lawsuits, should serve as a wake-up call for consumers, job creators and elected leaders. The report clearly demonstrates that this suspicious activity is a pocketbook problem for Florida families.

Reforming Florida’s property insurance market, particularly as it relates to AOB, is a top priority of the Florida Chamber. We believe that property insurance reform will create a stable market that helps consumers find the best options at the best rates, and it will help make Florida more competitive.

The Florida Chamber, along with our Consumer Protection Coalition, is urging state lawmakers to head the warning of the Citizens report and pass meaningful reforms that end AOB fraud and abuse.

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Visit www.FightFraud.Today and sign the petition urging lawmakers to take action.

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