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AOB Abuse: The Time to Act Is Today

The latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line comes to you from the Florida Capitol, where lawmakers are at the halfway point of the 60-day legislative session. Today, the Consumer Protection Coalition, spearheaded by the Florida Chamber and its partners, called on lawmakers to protect Florida consumers from Assignment of Benefits (AOB) abuse in Florida. Read the news release here.

Watch the video above to hear Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier and Citizens Property Insurance Corporation President and CEO Barry Gilway discuss the importance of passing meaningful long-term reform and putting an end to AOB abuse.

Take Action Now

Visit FightFraud.Today to learn more about AOB abuse and to find out what you can do to help take on this problem facing Florida. Be sure to sign the Consumer Protection Coaltion’s petition asking the Florida Legislature to reign in AOB abuse.

For more information about where the Florida Chamber of Commerce Stands on AOB and other related issues, click here, or contact Carolyn Johnson to join our fight to secure Florida’s future.


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