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The Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card is an annual opportunity to recognize members of the Florida Legislature who placed making Florida more competitive through private-sector job creation above special interests and their attempts to protect the status quo.

After Tabulating More Than 2,900 Votes Cast During the 2018 Legislative Session, Data Shows:

  • 47 percent of state lawmakers earned an “A” (90-100) on pro-jobs issues outlined in the Florida Chamber’s 2018 Business Agenda, compared to 9 percent last year.
  • Average GPA for both legislative chambers was 78 percent, compared to 73 percent in 2017.
  • Senate GPA was 74 percent – up from 70 percent in 2017.
  • House GPA was 79 percent – up from 74 percent in 2017.
  • 64 Representatives earned an “A” – up from 13 in 2017.
  • 8 Senators earned an “A” – up from 1 in 2017.


“The Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card lets Florida’s families, small businesses, taxpayers and voters know if legislators voted in favor of private sector job creation and a stronger economy,” said DAVID HART, Executive Vice President of the Florida Chamber. “While there is always room for improvement and more work to be done, this legislative session’s grades showed many legislators took steps in the right direction on several policy fronts and voted to prevent harmful ideas from becoming law. We look forward to a session when every legislator earns an “A” and Florida’s competitiveness outranks every other state.”



 Unfinished Business:

Despite several wins for Florida’s businesses, lawmakers failed to:

  • Stabilize Florida’s workers’ comp system and rein in the $1.5 billion cost increase to job creators,
  • Improve on Florida’s unfortunate, but well-known lawsuit abuse crisis,
  • Stop Assignment of Benefits fraud that’s driving up property and auto insurance rates on Floridians and small businesses and,
  • Increase investments in Florida’s workforce colleges to ensure good jobs for all.


Transparent Grading Process

The Florida Chamber’s legislative grading process is both transparent and accountable.

  • The Florida Business Agenda (FBA) was announced prior to the 2018 session and was attended by bi-partisan and bicameral members of the legislature, and dozens of leaders from throughout Florida’s business community.
  • The Florida Business Agenda, outlined in Where We Stand, was hand delivered and mailed to each member of the Florida Legislature.
  • Florida Chamber leadership met with numerous newspaper editorial boards in advance of session.
  • Most importantly, prior to each vote graded on the report card, a “Your Vote Matters” letter outlining the pro-business position and the Florida Chamber’s intent to score the vote was transmitted to voting members of the legislature – in total, about 2,900 scored votes letters were transmitted in advance.