Legislative Report Card

Find Out What Grade Your Legislator Earned:

107 members of the Florida Legislature earned A’s or B’s on the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Legislative Report Card, and helped lower the cost of living and cost of doing business on families and job creators, while also preparing for future growth and protecting Florida’s constitution.

Many lawmakers earned higher grades this legislative session with their renewed focus on important competitiveness issues that:

  • Strengthened Florida’s school choice options to serve even more students,
  • Increased access to healthcare by expanding scope of practice for advanced registered nurse practitioners,
  • Invested in Florida’s economic development and tourism marketing programs,
  • Protected the environment with long-term water quality investments,
  • Ensured Florida remains the Sunshine State, not the ‘melanoma state,’ by preempting scientifically dubious local bans on proven sunscreens,
  • Protected Florida’s Constitution from special interests buying their way onto Florida’s ballot,
  • Invested in Florida’s rural communities with cost-effective economic development efforts, and
  • Fully funded Florida’s affordable housing

The Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card is an annual opportunity to recognize members of the Florida Legislature who placed making Florida more competitive through private-sector job creation, above special interests and their attempts to protect the status quo.

Key Data Points:

After tabulating more than 4,000 votes cast during the 2020 Legislative Session, data shows:

  • 107 lawmakers earned an A or B; 52 earned a C, D, or F.
  • Average GPA for both legislative chambers was 86 percent.
  • Senate GPA was 89 percent, up from 84.59 percent in 2019.
  • House GPA was 85 percent, up from 77.59 percent in 2019.

“We believe in transparency and accountability, and the Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card is a fantastic tool for families, small businesses, taxpayers and voters to know if their elected officials voted in support of lowering the cost of living and reducing the cost of doing business, while also preparing for Florida’s future,” said David Hart, Executive Vice President, Florida Chamber of Commerce.


Transparent Grading Process

The Florida Chamber’s legislative grading process is both transparent and accountable.

  • The Florida Business Agenda (FBA) was announced during a news conference prior to the 2020 Legislative Session which was attended by bicameral members of the legislature, and dozens of leaders from throughout Florida’s business community.
  • The Florida Business Agenda, outlined in Where We Stand, was hand delivered and mailed to each member of the Florida Legislature.
  • Florida Chamber leadership met with numerous newspaper editorial boards, and legislators and staff in advance of session.
  • Most importantly, prior to each vote graded on the report card, a “Your Vote Matters” letter outlining the pro-business position and the Florida Chamber’s intent to score the vote was transmitted to voting members of the legislature – in total, about 4,000 scored votes letters were transmitted in advance.
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