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Each year the Florida Chamber releases actual grades earned by all 160 members of the Florida Legislature. The Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card is an opportunity to recognize members of the Florida Legislature who placed making Florida more competitive through private-sector job creation above special interest attempts to protect the status quo.

“The Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card lets families, small businesses, taxpayers and voters know if legislators voted in favor of job creation and a stronger economy, and provides them with the valuable information as they begin to consider the 2016 election cycle.”
DAVID HART, Executive Vice President, Florida Chamber of Commerce

After tabulating more than 5,400 votes cast during the 2016 Legislative Session, nearly 69 percent of state lawmakers earned an “A” (90-100) on the priority pro-jobs issues outlined in the Florida Chamber’s 2016 Business Agenda.

Analysis from the Florida Chamber’s 2016 Legislative Report Card:

  • 30 Senators earned an “A” (Up from 20 in 2015)
  • 80 Representatives earned an “A” (Up from 61 in 2015)
  • Grade Point Average for Representatives was 90 percent and 91 percent for Senators
    (Up from 83 percent and 89 percent respectively in 2015)