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In order for Florida to remain successful, we must continue to create and sustain quality places for people to live, work, raise a family, learn, play, and grow a business. Florida’s quality of life is an important differentiator in attracting businesses, talent, visitors and new residents. We must provide quality choices for a diverse population and we should plan and design our communities to be resilient for a growing range of risks and opportunities.

Florida and other states are exposed to a growing range of risks, including extreme weather events; cross-border flows of invasive species and infectious diseases; the potential for terror attacks; and cybersecurity threats. As we look toward 2030 and beyond, we have an opportunity to evaluate Florida’s sense of safety and security and key strategies for the future will include:

  • Continue and enhance actions proven to help reduce the crime and recidivism rates.
  • Help create a safer Florida by expanding data-driven approaches to identifying and responding to potential safety and security risks.
  • Strengthen cross-sector collaboration to detect, mitigate, prepare for, and respond to emergencies and security risks.

For more information on preparing Florida’s safety and security issues, download the Florida 2030 Key Targets & Strategies by visiting


Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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