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Florida 2030 offers a strategic blueprint for achieving Florida’s potential. It defines goals and strategies to guide private, public, and civic partners as they
work together to shape Florida’s economic future. As we prepare for continued changes ahead, we must strengthen coordination among Florida’s counties and 412 cities at a regional level to match the scale of the economy. We must also build partnerships between the private, public, and civic sectors—at statewide, regional, and local scales—so we can quickly identify, prepare for, and respond to economic opportunities in a changing world.

To reach our state’s full potential, Florida must incorporate regional stewardship efforts that:

  • Strengthen regional partnerships focused on future competitiveness and prosperity for all residents.
  • Facilitate regional and multi-jurisdictional planning that matches the scale at which the economy functions.
  • Streamline coordination between layers of government to focus on responsiveness and strategic planning.
  • Mentor and develop the next generation of leaders, with emphasis on including diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

For information on preparing Florida’s infrastructure for smart growth and development, download the Florida 2030 Key Targets & Strategies by visiting


Florida Regional Planning Councils Association

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