2030 Goal Leader Updates

2030 Goal Leader Update: Top 5 state for overall well-being

The Florida Chamber Safety Council is moving the needle forward to making Florida a Top 5 state for overall well-being by:

  • Highlighting members’ safety successes through being an incubator of safety initiatives and best practices
    • After all our onsite Safety Training classes, we recognize those members via social media and monthly newsletter to show the business community what these organizations are doing by providing the proper safety trainings to assure a safe and healthy work environment for not just their own employees, but other companies they work with on a daily basis, their customer base and the community. Our Safety Council Advisory Board, includes a diverse group within different industries to work together on initiatives and best practices to share with the business community to help move the needle to a safer, healthier and more sustainable Florida. We have created annual awards to be given to companies that have demonstrated leadership on Safety and Health and are recognized during our Annual Southeastern Leadership Conference on Safety, Health & Sustainability.
  • Being the go-to resource for safety, health, and sustainability
    • Our private safety training classes are continuing to increase within the business community with many scheduled already for 2022 with not just our members but non members. Word is spreading quickly about the quality, proficiency and effectiveness of our safety training programs provided to the workforce within all industries. We are now being awarded annual contracts by companies to provide safety trainings on a monthly basis for their employees on different subject matters that pertains to the work that they do which demonstrates commitment from the employer that their employees safety and health is of the utmost importance. Our public safety trainings are growing and offered at various metropolitan areas throughout the state as well as virtually.
  • Becoming the national standard for safety leadership
    • In addition to our private and public safety trainings, we are holding numerous free educational webinars on various safety and health matters to all businesses not just in Florida, but the entire nation. We have launched Construction Safety Videos to be shared with important safety tips on securing a safe and healthy workplace out on the job sites as the construction industry continues to grow. We are in the process of completing a customized corporate safety training program on Emergency Preparedness for one of our members that have more than 130 locations in Florida with over 1,500 employees training them properly on an array of subject matters, annually. This program, in addition to other safety programs that we create and customize, will set the standard on safety leadership on a national level.
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