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113 of 116 Florida Chamber-Backed Candidates Win General Elections

Chamber Political Action Team Shifts Focus to 2023 Legislative Session, 2024 Election Cycle

The Florida Chamber of Commerce and our members helped deliver general election wins for 113 of 116 Chamber-backed candidates, continuing a track record of success in recruiting, supporting and electing pro-jobs, pro-Florida candidates. This diverse group of candidates have committed to securing Florida’s future by focusing on free enterprise principles and job creation for their communities while working to keep Florida competitive on the global stage.

“Congratulations to the 98% of Florida Chamber pro-jobs candidates who won their General Election races,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce. “Much was at stake this year as the Florida Chamber fights to keep Florida, Florida. We are confident those elected will work with us to pass the right pro-jobs policy, and alongside a united Florida business community, Florida will continue to grow and diversify its economy.”

Keeping Florida competitive is essential to growing Florida to a top 10 global economy by 2030. As we unite business for good, the Florida Chamber trusts those elected will champion free enterprise, job creation and will keep Florida moving in the right direction.

“On behalf of the Florida Chamber, I would like to congratulate Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, our new Agricultural Commissioner Wilton Simpson, Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, House Speaker Paul Renner, and all the candidates we endorsed on their hard fought victories,” added Wilson.

Ahead of today’s General Election, the Florida Chamber released it 2022 General Election Voter Guide, a non-partisan, pro-jobs guide to the candidates and amendments on the ballot to keep voters informed on what was at stake this election cycle and how best to continue Florida’s track record of creating jobs and diversifying Florida’s economy.

Through its Florida Chamber Political Institute, the Florida Chamber constantly strives to recruit better candidates for the legislature and 2022 has been a very successful year for growing our collective effort as Chamber members interviewed over 100 candidates throughout Florida. Here are a few highlights from the General Election:

  • This General Election, the Florida Chamber endorsed 116 candidates, backing many of their candidacies with financial resources and substantial voter educative efforts.
  • This election cycle, over $10 million dollars were invested in voter education to win Florida’s General Election races. Campaigns are getting more expensive which is why the Florida Chamber launched yet another multi-million-dollar fund, known as the Free Enterprise Fund – a member-driven fund to elect pro-jobs candidates for Florida’s future.
  • With over 1.2 million newly registered voters since the 2020 General election, Florida’s electorate continues to grow and evolve as Florida remains the nation’s most important battleground state. The Florida Chamber’s voter file, ChamberHub, is constantly tracking and analyzing these trends for our members.

Newly Registered Voters Since the 2020 General Election:
NPA/Other:   491,083 (40.6%)
Republican:   444,484 (36.8%)
Democrat:     273,489 (22.6%)

Passing the right policy is essential to growing Florida’s economy and a major way to do this is by electing candidates who believe in free enterprise,” said Florida Chamber Political Council Chair Tracy Duda Chapman. “The Florida Chamber and its members play an essential role in this process and we are proud of the success we had for Floridians in both the Primary and General Election with electing pro-jobs candidates.”

“The Florida Chamber continues to unite Florida’s business community for good,” said Florida Chamber Executive Vice President of Government & Political Relations Frank Walker. “Congratulations to those pro-jobs candidates who were elected and thank you to our Florida Chamber members who work to recruit and elect pro-jobs candidates as we advocate for the policy solutions necessary to keep Florida competitive.”

The Florida Chamber is proud to stand alongside the following Chamber-backed election winners, putting its near 150 years of combined political experience behind supporting them in the months and sometimes years preceding this election.

Governor Ron DeSantis

Lieutenant Governor:
Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez

Attorney General:
Attorney General Ashley B. Moody

Chief Financial Officer:
Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis

Commissioner of Agriculture:
Senate President Wilton Simpson

Senate Election Endorsements:
District 1: Senator Doug Broxson
District 2: Jay Trumbull
District 3: Corey Simon
District 4: Clay Yarborough
District 6: Senator Jennifer Bradley
District 7: Senator Travis Hutson
District 8: Senator Tommy Wright
District 9: Senator Keith Perry
District 10: Senator Jason Brodeur
District 11: Blaise Ingoglia
District 12: Colleen Burton
District 13: Senator Dennis Baxley
District 14: Jay Collins
District 17: Senator Linda Stewart
District 18: Nick DiCeglie
District 19: Senator Debbie Mayfield
District 20: Senator Jim Boyd
District 21: Senator Ed Hooper
District 22: Senator Joe Gruters
District 23: Senator Danny Burgess
District 27: Senator Ben Albritton
District 28: Senator Kathleen Passidomo
District 31: Senator Gayle Harrell
District 36: Senator Ileana Garcia
District 38: Alexis Calatayud
District 39: Bryan Avila
District 40: Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez

House Election Endorsements:
District 1: Representative Michelle Salzman
District 2: Representative Robert Alexander “Alex” Andrade
District 3: Joel Rudman
District 4: Representative Patt Maney
District 6: Griff Griffitts
District 7: Representative Jason Shoaf
District 8: Gallop P. Franklin
District 10: Representative Chuck Brannan
District 11: Representative Sam Garrison
District 12: Representative Wyman Duggan
District 14: Kimberly Daniels
District 15: Dean Black
District 16: Kiyan Michael
District 17: Jessica Baker
District 18: Representative Cyndi Stevenson
District 19: Representative Paul Renner
District 20: Representative Bobby Payne
District 22: Representative Charles Wesley “Chuck” Clemons, Sr.
District 23: Representative Ralph E. Massullo, MD
District 24: Representative Joe Harding
District 26: Representative Keith Truenow
District 27: Representative Stan McClain
District 28: Representative Tom Leek
District 29: Representative Webster Barnaby
District 30: Chase Tramont
District 31: Representative Tyler Sirois
District 32: Representative Thad Altman
District 33: Representative Randy Fine
District 34: Robert Brackett
District 35: Representative Fred Hawkins
District 36: Rachel Plakon
District 37: Susan Plasencia
District 38: Representative David Smith
District 39: Doug Bankson
District 41: Bruce H. Antone
District 45: Carolina Amesty
District 48: Representative Sam Killebrew
District 49: Representative Melony Bell
District 50: Jennifer Canady
District 51: Representative Josie Tomkow
District 52: John Temple
District 53: Jeff Holcomb
District 54: Representative Randy Maggard
District 55: Kevin M. Steele
District 56: Brad Yeager
District 57: Adam Anderson
District 58: Kim Berfield
District 59: Berny Jacques
District 61: Representative Linda Chaney
District 65: Karen Gonzalez Pittman
District 66: Representative Traci Koster
District 68: Representative Lawrence McClure
District 70: Representative Mike Beltran
District 71: Representative Will Robinson
District 72: Representative Tommy Gregory
District 73: Representative Fiona McFarland
District 74: Representative James Buchanan
District 75: Representative Michael Grant
District 76: Representative Spencer Roach
District 77: Tiffany Esposito
District 78: Representative Jenna Parsons-Mulicka
District 79: Representative Mike Giallombardo
District 80: Representative Adam Botana
District 81: Representative Bob Rommel
District 82: Representative Lauren Uhlich Melo
District 83: Representative Kaylee Tuck
District 84: Representative Dana Trabulsy
District 85: Representative Toby Overdorf
District 86: Representative John Snyder
District 87: Representative Michael A. “Mike” Caruso
District 94: Representative Rick Roth
District 100: Representative Chip LaMarca
District 110: Representative Tom Fabricio
District 111: Representative David Borrero
District 112: Representative Alex Rizo
District 113: Vicki Lopez
District 114: Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera
District 115: Alina Garcia
District 116: Representative Daniel A. Perez
District 118: Representative Juan Alfonso Fernandez-Barquin
District 119: Juan Carlos Porras
District 120: Representative James “Jim” V.  Mooney Jr.

*We are awaiting the results of HD 106.


The Florida Chamber of Commerce is the voice of Florida job creators and the state’s largest federation of employers, chambers of commerce and associations aggressively representing small and large businesses from every industry and region. The Florida Chamber is uniting Florida’s job creators for good to further diversity Florida’s economy, growing it to a top 10 global economy, and is the driving force of Florida’s Future. Committed to fighting for jobs and defeating legislation threatening to Florida’s free enterprise system, the Florida Chamber aggressively works within the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of state government to advocate legislation essential to keeping Florida, Florida and the continued improvement of Florida’s business climate and sustained economic development across the state.


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