The Florida Scorecard

The Florida Scorecard™ provides Florida leaders the metrics they need to secure Florida’s future and gives local stakeholders the power to measure progress within their own communities. These are key metrics that are important to Florida’s economy now, and Florida’s future economy. As we develop our updated Scorecard, we will continue to update these items regularly.


19.893 Million – 2014 Estimate from U.S. Census Bureau


Currently NonFarm Employed – 8.078 Million  – up 3.4% over last year.

Florida Unemployment Rate – June 2015 (seasonally adjusted)  5.5%   Year ago: 6.1%


Florida GDP Per Capita: $42,222

Jobs Created in Florida since December 2010 – 870,500 (M)



By 2020 Net New Jobs Needed in Florida:  800,000

By 2030 Net New Jobs Needed in Florida:  2,000,000

Online Labor Demand from Conference Board Help Wanted Index – 273,100 jobs listed June 2015



Florida 2013-14 High School Graduation Rate – 76.1%

Versus 10 years ago – 59.2%



Florida Ranking on Milken State Tech and Science Index – 37th


Home Sales

Florida Median Home Sale Price – $203,500 June 2015.  Year ago $185,000.  10% increase.



Florida tourism has grown from a recession low of 913,800 to more than 1.14 million during this time of expanded tourism.

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