Writing Florida’s Future: Central Florida

Is Central Florida Ready to Put the Long-Term Ahead of the Short-Term?

Central Florida is paving the way for Florida innovation, but will today’s learners be ready to be tomorrow earners in the jobs being created? How will Central Florida’s infrastructure be ready for the 4-5 million new drivers expected to be on Florida’s roads by 2030?  Florida is now the third most populous state and by 2030 two million more jobs will be needed and nearly 26 million people will call Florida home. To prepare for this continued growth and ensure Florida remains successful, the Florida Chamber Foundation is leading the charge to write the blueprint for Florida’s future — Florida 2030.

This two-year research program will stimulate strategic thinking about Florida’s future and engage business and community leaders in each of Florida’s 67 counties and identify key trends and the factors that can drive their regional economy. Florida 2030 is our opportunity to work together to strengthen your community, business and future. The future belongs to all Floridians and we need your help to plan for the future. How is Central Florida doing? Below, you will find links to county data, Chamber Foundation research and more.


Together, we can tackle our state’s toughest challenges and opportunities. Help secure Florida’s future by sharing your thoughts, time or resources:



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