Join the Florida Chamber’s Workers’ Compensation Task Force

The Florida Chamber of Commerce and its Workers’ Compensation Task Force have led the fight to lower workers’ comp rates by nearly 60 percent since 2003. A recent Florida Supreme Court decision is forcing rates to increase by double digits and is undoing the work the Florida Chamber’s Workers’ Comp Task Force has done the last 13 years. The latest fight for the Workers’ Compensation Task Force is to work toward a legislative solution to the Florida Supreme Court decisions in Castellanos v. Next Door Company and Westphal v. City of St. Petersburg. It is imperative that our business community join together to create a solution that bring certainty back to employers and workers.

“Small businesses create two of every three jobs in Florida, and a workers’ comp rate increase as significant as this could force these businesses to choose between paying higher workers’ comp rates and hiring new employees. A 19.6 percent rate increase will cause uncertainty among job creators and may even force a decline in Florida’s job growth,” said MARK WILSON, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce.

The Florida Chamber’s Workers’ Compensation Task Force, chaired by Debbie Harvey, President, COO, Ron Jon Surf Shop of Florida, Inc., and Steve Knopik, CEO, Beall’s, Inc., continues to play an active role in ensuring Florida continues to move in the right direction. Join the Florida Chamber’s Workers’ Compensation Task Force in preparing a legislative remedy. Contact Carolyn Johnson at 850.521.1235 for more information.

TASK FORCE: Workers' Compensation

TASK FORCE: Workers' Compensation

Join the Florida Chamber’s Workers’ Compensation Task Force Chamber’s as we engage Florida’s highest elected leaders and work with top legal minds to develop the right solution.


As Part of the Workers’ Compensation Task Force, Members will:

  • Receive exclusive updates related to the workers’ comp system,
  • Determine a legislative remedy for the Castellanos and Westphal decisions, which are forcing rates to skyrocket,
  • Address cost drivers in the workers’ comp system, and
  • Be a part of the solution to keep the workers’ comp system working.