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UF extends enrollment confirmation deadline to May 15

The University of Florida is extending the enrollment confirmation deadline for first-year students due to delays in universities receiving financial aid data from the federal government.

UF acknowledges the critical role finances play in the college selection process. Consequently, the deadline extension was made to better support students and their families. Prospective students admitted for fall 2024 will now have until May 15 to accept their admissions offers. The previous deadline was May 1.

Earlier this year, the Office of Federal Student Aid announced higher education institutions would not receive financial aid data until mid-March, affecting institutions’ ability to create comprehensive financial aid packages. Without these packages, students are left uncertain about their final out-of-pocket costs.

“UF is committed to helping students and families get all the information they need to make an informed college decision,” said Mary Parker, vice president for enrollment management. “By extending this deadline, UF hopes to reduce some of the stress and burden the delays have caused to students and their families.”

The Office of Federal Financial Aid is the country’s largest provider of student financial aid and provides several forms of financial assistance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. However, a revision to the FAFSA application process has significantly prolonged the federal processing timeline.

“We’re dedicated to breaking down financial obstacles so that the outstanding value of a UF education is within the reach of students,” said Tina Lamb, director of the office of student financial aid and scholarships. “At the University of Florida, we’re on the side of students and families, we are ready to guide them through the college education process.”

The University of Florida will continue to monitor updates from the U.S. Department of Education to ensure all avenues are considered to support students.


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